The Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) between India and Malaysia is a landmark agreement that aims to boost bilateral trade and economic ties between the two countries. The agreement was signed in 2011 and came into effect in July 2011. It is a comprehensive agreement that covers a wide range of areas, including trade in goods, trade in services, investment, intellectual property rights, and economic cooperation.

Trade in Goods:

Under the CECA, India and Malaysia have agreed to eliminate tariffs on a wide range of goods, including agricultural products, electronics, textile, and machinery. This move is expected to significantly increase trade between the two countries and create new business opportunities for companies in both India and Malaysia.

Trade in Services:

The CECA also provides for liberalization of trade in services between India and Malaysia. It opens up new avenues for cooperation in areas such as tourism, healthcare, education, and finance. This will enable Indian and Malaysian businesses to tap into each other`s strengths and expand their operations in new markets.


The CECA also seeks to promote investment between India and Malaysia by providing a more conducive environment for businesses to invest in each other`s countries. It provides for greater protection of investments, thus increasing investor confidence and reducing the risk of investment. This is expected to boost economic growth and create new jobs in both countries.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The CECA also includes provisions for the protection of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. This will benefit businesses in both countries by providing a more secure and predictable regulatory environment for their intellectual property.

Economic Cooperation:

The CECA also seeks to enhance economic cooperation between India and Malaysia by facilitating technology transfer, sharing of best practices, and promoting joint research and development initiatives. This will help to foster innovation and create new opportunities for businesses in both countries.

In conclusion, the CECA between India and Malaysia is a major milestone in the economic relationship between the two countries. It provides a framework for cooperation in a wide range of areas, including trade, investment, intellectual property rights, and economic cooperation. By boosting economic ties between India and Malaysia, the CECA is expected to create new business opportunities, increase investment, and drive economic growth in both countries.