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Special traditional formula blend with 14 natural herbs.

Nature’s Wisdom!

NEWLIFE Diabetea is a strong and refreshing tea which helps improving insulin sensitivity.

Fine Ceylon tea mixed with an ancient herbal medicinal formula helps improving insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

simply Immerse a tea bag into a cup of boiled water and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Stir and remove the tea bag. Drink it plain, without sugar. Please do not Reheat, always drink it hot.

Recommend 3 cups a day for best results.

Non-diabetics can drink 2 cups of tea with one sugar daily.

Health benefits of “NEWLIFE” natural Diabetea.

As a diabetic person, this tea ensures

Lowering the blood sugar levels, Help to reduce renal and kidney failures, Help minimizing life threatening, reduce all other cautions of diabetes and user can reduce the dosage of other medication or insulin treatment.

As a non-diabetic person, this tea will

Refresh the body, React as an anti-oxidant, Prevent diabetes, Enhance a good blood supply, Enhance good sexual vigour, Restricts the increase of blood cholesterol, Help to control high blood pressure, Help fight cancer, Reduces cavities ,Maintain a reasonable body weight and help to digest food, Reduce gastritis and Cure constipation.

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5 reviews for NEWLIFE DIABETEA

  1. Michelle Mores

    This Tea is golden. 2 months ago my blood sugar was 360 and the doctor gave me 3 different pills to control it. But one of my friends told me about this tea and I took the chance. I went right away to this tea instead of all kind of meds my doctor prescribed. Since I started taking this tea I felt really good. Got my energy back and I felt amazing. I checked my blood sugar in 2 weeks and it has gone down from 360 to 147. I couldn’t even believe it. I’m still taking 3 teas a day without sugar after meal and actually now I eat like a normal person. But my blood sugar is in normal range. Thanks to this amazing Tea. I wouldn’t go a day without this Tea because I know this Tea is keeping me in a good shape without any side effects. Thank you new life for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my life without pills and needles.

  2. Ashan Kadurugamuwa

    Newlife Diabetea is a life saver, it really is… my beloved aunt who now at 68 was suffering from high blood sugar(BS) for ages and had few high readings, in fact worst ever in her life just 4 months ago, tried almost all the remedies and pills which she thought could help her lowering BS being really high but all ended up leaving her with utter disappointments and faded hopes. In a situation where my aunt was desperately looking for a relief for the misery and agony , a day came which really gave her hope for life as I was able to introduce her to this miraculous drink NewLife Diabetea. As a witness to her amazing and fast recovery, from the day one she started using Diabetea, it produced results, usually her BS was around 225 each night 4 months ago but after few day she started using this, drank one cup with the breakfast and finished one before going to bed, then the reading was 106, she was over the moon. Amazed by the results, she’s regularly using it till today. Apart from lowering BS, her vision was cleared & prickly feeling in hands and feet went away. Now my aunt realized her hope’s been fulfilled at last thanks to NewLife Diabetea.

  3. Isuru Udana Hewapathirana

    NEWLIFE Diabetea is a real miracle, my dad was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for a long time and he was fed up with his life, we have tried many alternative herbal products from the market and tried all the products witch advertised on the TV as well. Finally one of our family friends introduced this miracle tea to my dad and he was amazed by the results that gave him after a few weeks of using this tea. He was using this tea for three months now and he already refused the dosage of his western medicine. Now my dad is a very happy person with a controlled blood sugar level. I would like to thanks the manufacturer of this product and we are glad that we can trust this product and introduces too many people who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure.

  4. Deepika godage

    New life diabetic tea:
    Thank you so much newlife team.I really like your newlife products and will buy more. Highly recommend. these products. Deepika Godage Galle

  5. Prasanna Liyanarachchi

    I have been suffering from Diabetes since year 2005. I started western medicine ‘cos doctor advised.
    One day my brother brought this wonderful product & I used it for 2 weeks without western medicine.
    Then took a FBS report. It was amazing ; sugar level is normal.
    Then I put those tablets into the dustbin. Now I am enjoying my life as I wish. Some times I eat sugary things.
    I drink 3 cups of “NEWLIFE DIABETEA”daily. Recently I checked my Kidneys. Happy to mention that there was no issue!
    Now I’m not only a regular customer of this herbal remedy. Now I promote this product Globally to console other people who like to enjoy every moment of their lives !

  6. Chaminda (verified owner)

    Thank you very much and we can make any herbal products under your brand name to sell on your website.

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