Premium Quality Herbal Tea Products

All our herbal tea products are 100% effective and made from freshly picked natural herbs from Sri Lanka,  All our products are Unique traditional Herbal blends to enjoy a healthy Life style

  1. Diabetea (Special formula)
  2. Slimming Tea (Special formula)
  3. Detox Tea / Repair Tea (Special formula)
  4. Immunity Booster Tea (Special formula)
  5. Flu Fighter tea (Special formula)
  6. Bed Of Rose /Natural Vajika Tea (Special formula)
  7. Lady tea (Special formula)
  8. Clear & Glow tea (Special formula)
  9. Relaxing Tea (Special formula)
  10. Memory boosting tea (Special formula)

  1. Muringa Tea (Moringa oleifera )
  2. Karapincha tea
  3. Body cooling tea
  4. Beal Tea (unique blend of the Beli fruit & flower)
  5. Life Long Tea (Nelli & Rasakinda)
  6. Natural Ginger And Coriander Tea
  7. Natural Turmeric and cinnamon Tea
  8. Natural Ginger And Cumin Tea
  9. Natural Lemongrass Tea
  10. Natural Sure soup Tea
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