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Ayurveda’s concept of the Tridoshas is a unique medical science.  Ayurveda says the body is made up of tissues, waste products and doshas (loosely translated to Energetic Forces). It is the Tridoshas’ job to assist with the creation of all of the various tissues of the body and to remove any unnecessary waste products from the body.  According to Ayurveda, Repair tea is a unique Herbal Formula that balances Tridoshas and helps stimulate the immune system, improve digestion, relieve constipation, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and relieves gas and repair your body.

1 review for REPAIR TEA

  1. Voshala

    The Best Tea Ever, I am a tea addict, I drink black tea without any sugar or sweetener. This is the best option for me, The taste is real and smooth. I normally drink tea 3 or more times per day and have tried many famous brands. But this is the Delicious and most effective tea. You name it, they have all the products we want. Diabetes, Slimming, Skin care, Green Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Ginger Tea, Mint Tea etc. I tried everything and love all of it. My body feels happy and healthy! Energy tea wakes me up! Happy tea makes my body feel happy! I gifted Diabetes Tea to a friend who was struggling with her sugar level. A week after starting the tea, she called and told me it was the best gift she could have received as she is now able to control her sugar level and she continue the product since two years. All that being said, I am a firm believer in these products and this company!! I can’t think of having a good life without having a good tea, New Life Tea is the Best!!!

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